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I can tell you who I was, but wouldn't you rather know who I AM?...

In 2020 I felt a push to broaden my scope of practice and step away from any one "field" so that I can provide services that are comprehensive and specific to the individual. After an epic road trip and lots of restructuring I left my position in addiction counseling and began what is now Lissa Rose Intuitive Counseling. 

Doing this work has felt like a dream. Each session is profound and impactful. I feel honored to be doing these sessions and readings. It feels good to know I am providing a service that is of benefit. This work is what I was born to do and so it does not feel like work at all. Ultimately, my intention in every counseling session is to help you remember who you are and assist in connecting you back to the core of yourself so that you can experience clarity and alignment. If you feel called to work with me, there is a reason. Please do not hesitate to reach out! 

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Sunset on the Desert


As above, so below. 
As within, so without.


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