I am an intuitive counselor, channel and guide. I assist in times of transition and change to help you see the bigger picture and align with what is best for you. Only YOU know what this is, I serve as a mirror & sounding board to sift through those sticky inner workings that make situations and circumstances more difficult than they need to be. My goal is to bring clarity in your life so you can feel confident in your decisions and in your life moving forward to manifest your deepest goals and desires.

Manifestation work is my passion and times of transformation and change are my speciality.

My passion and purpose in life is helping people remember who they are so that they can stand in their full power and be the embodiment of their core self.

If you feel called to work with me please reach out!

I have services listed and prices, however can also tailor what I do to fit your specific needs.

Logistically what I have to offer is:

  • Counseling services

  • Tarot readings

  • Crystal Grids and Energy Transmissions

  • Channeled Messages (spoken or written)

  • Connecting with your Higher Self and Guides

  • Grid Activation and Anchoring

  • Timeline jumping

  • Manifestation Coaching

  • Reprograming of Limiting Beliefs

I am happy to work with you for a singe session or ongoing for a pre-set amount of time. 

Again, if you feel called to work with me- there is likely a reason. Please do not hesitate to reach out!

Counseling Session

50 minute counseling session.
In these sessions, I offer guidance and assistance for when you feel stuck, unmotivated, confused or unable to make a decision. I am able to see patterns of thoughts and beliefs that act as barriers to you progress and together we explore solutions to address them. In these sessions I use practical tools and the focus is goal oriented.


Intuitive Reading

50 minute reading plus interpretative summary. 
For this service I create a Crystal Grid which acts as an energetic gateway to accelerate healing, I pull tarot and oracle cards to gain clarity into your situation and channel any assistance or information that comes through.

Studying at Home

Tarot Reading

30 minute (intuitive) tarot reading.
In these sessions I answer specific questions about your current situation using tarot, oracle cards and channeled messages for guidance. I do not offer predictions, but rather tap into new perspectives to help you in the here and now.


What to Expect

What I do: 

I operate on the basic principal that we create our reality based on what we think, feel, perceive, and believe. In working with you I will ask specific question to get a gauge of what reality you are currently creating for yourself. I will then mirror this back to you. Form there we create a literal template and plan so that you can be an active creator of your life. 

Ultimately, in one sentence: 

I help you remember who you are.

For all Appointments: 

Every session ends with a review of what was discussed, an outline for moving forward and some kind of implementable tool that you can incorporate into your daily life. 


Thank you!


Payment is required 24 hours before your appointment time.

I accept payment through



Venmo: lissarose333


Email for pricing, sliding scale and trades available. 

Cancelation policy: if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment time, I request that you please cancel 24 hours in advance. No refunds are available for services rendered.

Please message me to book outside of business hours~


To Book a Session

Healing from the heart

I am currently working remotely and accepting appointments! Use the link to book a session. Feel free to contact me with any questions.